Y&F 15+ Years Office Chair Manufacturer

Office Chairs Manufacturer&Supplier

We have a number of cooperation factories, can meet the one-stop purchase of office furniture, such as office executive chairs, office task chairs, conference chairs, office sofas, office desks, file cabinets, etc.

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Office Chairs Furniture Company Philosophy

Office chair furniture enterprise concept value to user demand as the guidance, to provide high-quality, high-performance, high comfort products and services, constantly innovate, pay attention to technological innovation and product innovation, in order to meet market demand, and emphasize product quality, strict control of production links, to ensure product quality excellence.

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Office Chairs Furniture Company Difference Advantage

Develop a unique design style, high quality materials can improve the quality and life of products, but also can make consumers feel more comfortable. The use of advanced manufacturing technology to produce high quality products will attract more consumers. Establish a good brand image, can improve consumer trust and loyalty to the product.

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Customizable Wholesale
MOQ 10pcs/Model
Exported to 30+ Countries
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Our mission is to provide customers with comfortable, healthy, high-quality office chair furniture, improve work efficiency.

Y&F 15+ Years Office Chair Manufacturer

In the office, comfortable office chairs can improve the work efficiency and comfort of employees; In the conference room, conference chairs can bring a professional and efficient meeting experience to the attendees. Office chair furniture is not only a kind of furniture, but also a kind of service, for different scenes of people to create a more comfortable, healthy, efficient working, learning, living environment.

Office Chair Solutions

Customize Your Perfect Office Chairs

Fabric Customization

A variety of fabric options are available for custom office chairs, including comfortable soft suede, high-end leather and durable mesh. These fabrics are carefully selected and tested to ensure the best level of quality and comfort. No matter what style and material of fabric you need, we can tailor it for you.


A variety of accessories are offered, including a chair base with adjustable height, wheels that rotate 360 degrees, adjustable armrests and more. These accessories not only enhance the practicality and comfort of the chair, but also can be personalized to meet the needs of different users, ensuring that everyone can find a customized office chair that suits them.

Lumbar Support

Our custom office chairs are equipped with professional lumbar support design. This design can relieve the pressure of sitting for long periods of time on the waist, making you more comfortable and healthy at work. We can also make personalized adjustments according to your body size and waist curve to ensure the best support and protection for your waist.

Head Support

Our custom office chairs are also equipped with ergonomic head support, which can effectively relieve the neck pressure and fatigue of sitting for long periods of time, so that you can work more relaxed and comfortable. We can also make personalized adjustments according to your height and neck curve to ensure the best support and protection for your head.

Office Chair Solutions

Office Chair Solutions for Different Customers' Needs


We provide a variety of different types of office chairs to meet the needs of dealers' customers, and also provide diversified product lines and strong service support to help distributors expand their market and increase sales.


Our office chairs are practical and stylish, and provide engineering with design flexibility. We are able to tailor our services to our clients' needs to ensure that their projects meet their expectations perfectly.


Our office chairs are of reasonable price and excellent quality, which can provide traders with excellent profit margin, and also provide fast and reliable freight service to meet the traders' delivery needs.

Enterprise Procurement

We provide customized office chair solutions and office furniture procurement services for enterprises, governments, hospitals, schools, and other institutions, offering diversified product selection, quality assurance, and fast delivery, saving your procurement costs and helping you find the perfect office furniture.

Who We Are

Y&F is a reliable and experienced office furniture manufacturer and exporter.

Y&F provides comprehensive solutions that cater to the needs of global office furniture purchasers.

Our company provides a full range of services, including quality pre-sales consulting, professional design, efficient manufacturing, timely delivery and perfect after-sales service. We are able to recommend suitable products and solutions according to customers' needs and budgets; Provide creative and practical office chair design solutions according to customers' space and style; Our manufacturing team has rich experience and advanced equipment, to ensure the quality of products and delivery time; And be able to solve customer problems and feedback in time to ensure customer satisfaction.Our company team and first-class equipment, can provide high quality office chair products and services, as well as designers and production workers have many years of experience and skills, can guarantee the process and quality of products.

Our company's philosophy is "customer first, quality first, innovation and development, win-win cooperation". We always take user's demand and experience as the starting point, pay attention to product quality and innovation, and constantly introduce new products in line with market and customer needs. We pursue win-win cooperation with customers, establish long-term cooperative relationship, common growth and development.

Why Choose Y&F

80% Of Our Clients Have Been With Us For Over 15 Years

Y&F offers a one-stop solution for office chairs, backed by reliable customized services, trustworthy post-sales support, and on-time delivery guarantees.


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They Are All Collaborating With Y&F

1000+ Customers Worldwide Trust Us For Office Chairs

German Customer

This is a knowledge service company that focuses on the physical and mental health of its employees. Hope we design the office chair is not only comfortable and practical, but also in line with the company's simple office style. Therefore, in order to meet the requirements of our customers, we need to make office furniture according to their requirements and at the same time come up with solutions for them. Finally, we continue to improve our products and solutions, and get customer satisfaction.

Canadian Customer

Successful and friendly trade with Canadian customers - We provide solutions to customize their office furniture projects. Our customers request that the color of office furniture we provide should match their office decor, sit comfortably and improve work efficiency. Finally, our Canadian customers are very satisfied with our office furniture product solutions and favorable prices. So they also gave us a high degree of recognition for our work attitude and high quality, low cost office furniture.

Greece Customer

For Greece customers to provide office meeting chair solutions, so that customers experience high quality, comfortable office environment. Our chairs are made of high quality materials and ergonomically designed to provide optimal comfort and support. At the same time, we also offer a variety of colors and styles to meet the personalized needs of customers. Our products are not only excellent in quality, but also very affordable, allowing customers to enjoy a great value shopping experience.

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Thank you for your interest in Y&F! As a professional office chair manufacturer, we can provide you with competitively priced and quality-assured office chairs. If you are looking for a reliable office chairs supplier to meet your bulk purchase needs, please take a minute to send us an inquiry and our sales team will respond to you promptly with the latest catalog of office chairs and the most competitive pricing. We look forward to working with you!
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