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Office chair cleaning and maintenance methods

Office chair cleaning and maintenance methods

Issue Time:2022/04/03

Office chair cleaning and maintenance methods 

For modern life, most of our time is spent in the office, the use and damage of office furniture is actually more serious than our own family, YINGFUNG office chair: https://www.yfofficechair.com/ ,a good, clean office chair can make us happy at work, here to share some office chair cleaning and maintenance methods. 

1,PU and leather cleaning, a small number of stains can be wiped with a small amount of foam detergent with a clean soft cloth. 

2, Such as tilt there is a different sound, you can use lubrication, spray to the shaft contact or spring and so on. Easy to dump, tilt the tension adjustment button to adjust the tightness of their own body shape, do not be too loose, otherwise easy to cause dumping. 

3, When stained with dust and other dry dirt, use vacuum cleaner suction can be, if stained with drinks, juice, etc., can first use hand paper towels to absorb water, and then dissolve neutral detergent with warm water to wipe, finally use a clean soft cloth dry and low temperature drying can be. 

4,If the dirt produced for a long time, the ideal way to clean is to use warm water diluted neutral detergent first wipe, then to wring dry clean water cloth to wipe the cleaning fluid, finally to dry cloth polishing, to be dry and then use the right amount of maintenance agent evenly wipe. 

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